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Hi Seaurchin. Nice idea but my view is that only a local angler would know what marks are worth fishing/ were they are/ when to fish them. A travelling angler would rely on you to supply this information. Thus, this would limit your potential customer base. Also, most of the established skippers have been in the job a long time, are a goldmine of information and are good at their job. No offence intended, but playing them at their own game would be pretty futile until you have a good knowledge of marks, tactics etc. My father-in law has a private boat (not charter) and it has taken us years to get to a state where we can usually predict what to do/ where to go on a particular day. Even now, we certainly would not like the thought of having to put paying anglers consistantly over fish. Sorry to pour cold water on your idea but at the end of the day, it does'nt matter how cheap someone is, its results that matter. Having said this, I wish you luck.

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