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For a decent beachcaster try at the lower end rods like odessa etc from shakespeare.

The powerstcik are supposed to be ok from penn.

Reel wise, shimano aerlex abouit 50 quid is a decent fixed spool, plenty of guts, brutus by shakespeare is ok, alos emcast by diawa.

you could go cheaper on rod and reel, depends what ground u are fishing on.

If its quite rough you want a reel and rod with a bit of bollocks, if you do get caught up however, DONT walk away from beach with rod and reel pointing toward snag, reel with slip and u wil eventually feel gears go, on all reels this is a bad idea, even the shimano is not bombproof, best thing is to put rod down, let out slack and tug away with line wrapped around a piece of wood or gloved hand.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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