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JamesB said:
Has anyone had any problems with crimps on traces? any advice on the use of them?

Thank you
Sorry James, no advice worth offering on your rod dilemma, but others seem to have that sussed anyhow!

As for crimps, however, it seems they can often be a subject of some controversy. It's possible if the wrong ones are used, or they're not applied correctly, they can weaken the trace they're used on to the point of it becoming dangerous... :eek:

I guess if you want ultimate safety, then steer clear, and stick with powergum stop knots instead. However, personally, I find crimps useful, particularly when making stops for impact shields, and multi-hook (non-blasting) paternoster rigs.

My advice would be to firstly make sure you have a robust trace line. I like to use 80lb line, which gives a fair bit of confidence, and can take a bit of wear without becoming dangerous.

Second, make sure you get the softer, copper type crimps, rather than the s/steel jobbies, as I think these need a much harder pinch to get results, more likely to cause line damage.

Third, make sure you get some decent crimping pliers, as these are designed not to make dangerous indentations in the line.

I can honestly say I've been using them for over 10 years now, and whilst I'm no Mackellow, I do like to give the casting my all at times, and I've never had a crimp cause one of my rigs to break in all that time.


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