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........... I agree , and some interesting stuff on there too, well written and foolproof photo follow-ups..... brilliant.
Well spotted Paul.
Tight lines

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will only ever be wsf for me mate, dont get me wrong some people may like it [ new site] but for me ? this site is number 1 :1a:

great threads
great people
great baits direct comp [free to enter]
great help when you need help
mods go out there way to help you you when you have a problem
as in srm case ? they watch that as members of forum we dont get ripped off
also a lot of companys joining now < ref charter skippers, boat builders, rod builders,penn uk ,and to many more to list.

dont want to stop anyone using anyother site , thats the persons own choice , but for me i cant beat this site.

best wishes

The site is owned by Scottish International, journalist and Daiwa guru, Steve Souter.

The site does have a growing forum that will be sensibly, but not over moderated, but also has a heavy focus on the magazine side of angling on the web.
Reviews are going to be no holds barred, honest appraisals of a product in use by anglers who know how to use them. No pandering to the advertisers and by all accounts, the manufacturers who take part are all up for it.
Obviously a Daiwa review would not be done by Steve, but another contributor and so on.

Steve remains a regular on here and will continue to post (as far as I know), but wants to bring the magazine side of things to the internet.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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