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Due to the server being down a slightly delayed report:

After cracking two ribs at football last Sunday, I decided I needed some fishing therapy, so dosed up on tabs and went out with Joe Thursday night to a local spot.

Big tide, plenty of swell and stir-up, the conditions looked perfect. Fished two spots that normally produced plenty of fish in conditions like that, but between us failed to get so much as a little pull. Moved on again to spot number three and fished until dark. As the light faded and still no action Joe gave up and packed his gear away. After trying nearly every lure in my sling bag I decided to give my new Jackson Artoon another quick blast. Having never caught anything on a jointed lure from the shore I have been determined to break my curse!! With darkness now set in and Joe ready to go home, I said "I'm going to have a couple of casts in that gulley, then a couple of over there in that one, then I'm ready to go". I had slowed down my retreve a lot and on my first cast in the second gulley I got hammered very close in by something I could tell was pretty sizeable. "This is a good un" I shouted, and after a very good scrap, even after being hooked so close, she was on the rocks. A lovely conditioned bass of exactly 65 cm that had engulfed my now favourite lure.

My previous best from the shore is 6lb 6oz, but I didn't have scales on me so have to go on what the bass website says and call it a near 7lb fish. It was chunky and in great condition so Joe and I both believe it would have made the 7lb mark. Needless to say Joe was frantically setting up again while I was taking a few quick pics, but that was it for the rest of the evening.

The ribs are still killing me, but since I can't play football for another two weeks that leaves me plenty of extra time for plugging :yeah:
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