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New penn mag reels?

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Reading on a usa forum that the 525 is going to get a make over with more mag adjustment AND the release of the 515 sized reel.
Due early 2010
Any Penn affiliated people able to expand on that?
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Dont know the truth in the matter but I would like to see a sensibly priced 515

about time if it true
If you were looking in the surftalk forum usa, you proberly no as much as them, the 515 is a out and out casting reel if the rumours are true, and built on the lines of the 525 knoby with a narrower spool, if i got the gist right, one of the mags will go, they brought back the 525 mag original, i wonder weather the mag extra will go or the super magextra, or the knoby, who knows it can only get better.
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