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Hi Guys and Gals,

Ive been fishing for years but not a lot over the last couple, and after checking out my gear i think :g: it´s time to update it. Ive never really spend much on a Rod / Reel before and won´t be dishing loads out this time. Up to around 200 squid

Can anybody give any advice on a good fixed spool combo, but with a rod that´ll take a multiplyer and that would be a decent all round set for Ledge, Rocks and Beach?

Been looking at the Penn PowerXstix 13MFS coupled with a Penn SM850 as i think it looks about right but thought i´d ask a the advice of the experienced brains here before committing. Am going crazy :crazy: with all the stuff that´s around.

Many thanks in advance guys for anything you could throw into the mix :notworthy
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