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So. Had a nightmare today but fun at the same time.
A friend gave me some worm last night , which i wanted to use up this morning even though i didnt get in from fishing until 3am and woke up at six. The missus
Wedding trial make up appointment ran well over, and id arranged to meet richard from metcalfes at his home to collect bait .
I live a good hour away from walton, and realised when nearly here that id left my effing rods, of all things indoors, so rearranged to meet at the shop and grabbed 2 new rods , richard sorted me two decent reels also, didnt wanna spend a million at such short notice but very impressed with overall build quality

After letting him spool up for me , haha,
Headed to the end of the pier armed with blueys and squid, no rag as my allergic reaction to them on my fingers flared up again yesterday , one rod each for me and the missus. I went with bluey , and i dont know why because as soon as she said squid i got that gut feeling that was the right call. 20 minutes in , and we havent moved our eyes off the rods, such a still night and we were having the occasional donk , new rods displaying every knock perfectly , and she reels in a decent whiting , happy days !! Rebaited her, and a little further to the right she requested, so a little to the right we aimed that one out .

My bluey came back a spine up by my swivel, crabbed to death . Still, i stuck to bluey ....
We were having a real good talk , trying to explain to her more in depth angking principles, what certain displays on the rod tip mean etc , and kept saying how much she wanted a fish. She also said that because she knows how much i love rays if it was a ray bite she would let me have it. What an angel, i assured her she would be reeling it in, she werent getting out of it that easy haha

LUNGE !!!!

the tip on her rod, which is quite alot firmer than any ive owned before , lurched towards the water in a smooth, strong nod,

Wait it out girl, give it a few seconds
VERY VERY PROUD , she got it in like a pro , i yanked aboard a beautiful thornback !!
She was ecstatic.
Very carefuly unhooked and handled, showed her very efficiently how to save her stress, get some wuick pictures and got her back in the drink .
She is a very girly girl, but this seemed like second nature to her, very strange to see

So , squid back out for her ,
An anxious last 40 minutes as we both expexted and hoped for another bite

Another lunge !
This time it stopped dead and stayed still. Damn, that ones moved on, spooked after feeling hooks, lead, who knows.
5 minutes after, completely different tip indication, and she does it again !!
This time , i believe is a bull huss guys ? Nothing like any doggie ive caught !!!

3 species, 3 casts

Shoot me now

Also nice to get an hour together , makes a change for us



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i think you must have a natural fish repellent in your genes :)
Rag juice flares my skin up as well !
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