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New season

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Took the kids out today exploring, went a well known Sandy reef system, big climb the 3 year old did it admirably, know a lot of Devon boys fish it, well the clarity is better than a lot of last year found a couple edible peelers too so may just be worth a shot very soon only issue was the sands still mostly gone.
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Sounds promising , i keep looking at it but resisting the urge to start too early . Looking far more favourable than this time last year though ......
Yeah i fished right through last year , useful leg work for new marks , but the endless blanks wore a bit thin . Very different approach this year , biding my time and hit it fresh . Must be getting closer as have been lure tinkering most of this evening . Think water is not far off 9 here Matt , probably bit higher down your way ?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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