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You may have noticed a few changes around here since you last logged on. The new look/organised site is last!

So what’s changed? Quite a bit to be honest, not that you will be able to tell as there is no new content on as I type.

There is now a new search engine on the Main site. This can be used to find articles of any type on the site. It features the ability to search for all the words you are looking for, a few of them, or the exact search phrase. This means you can find things easier on the site.

The reviews section has been changed around completely. Tackle is now categorised in sections to make looking for articles easier, there is also a filter feature in each section so you can narrow down the reviews even further.

There has been a re-organisation of the Welsh sections under UK & Eire Marks. The Welsh section has been split into North, West and South. The forum board will stay the same.

There is now a small boating section which is under the Boat Fishing menu. A new Lure Fishing section which is now the new home of all lure articles we feature on the site.

Rigs and Knots now details the same rigs and knots as well as articles on different bits of terminal tackle which we moved from the now closed Tackle section.

Shore Fishing now features its own Casting section with tips on corrective casting, reel modifications and the like.

At the bottom of each article you will see a list of links to other articles. These are other articles of similar content.

There is a lot more information to put on the site and new sections will be opened over the next few weeks.

If anybody finds any mistakes or anything that doesn’t work as it should, please let me know.

Mike Jr

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thankyou for your hard work and the effort that has gone in2 the new site, i no u avent finished it yet,but well done, just be bloody quicker next time, lol. only jokin, good on you could av put up a section called, poachers blanking page hee hee.
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