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New to lrf/hrf

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Hi boys I know you don't like to give away your favourite marks but I'm totally new to this and I wanna give it a go this bank holiday weekend!
So could anybody recommend some marks please where I can go this weekend??? (I'm from Dunstable but I don't mind to travel up to 200miles)
Thanks a lot for every help

One more question: do I need to use the mono leader or I can fish straight with my main line? Thanks
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As you can see I am not frm your area so cannot give specific advice but the whole point of ultra light fishing is catching fish you would not have even thought about , just find a bit of shoreline (easy access to a couple of feet depth upwards helps) then twitch a small lured or baited jig/worm weight and if nothing happens after 20mins MOVE and try again. If the water is gin clear use flouro carbon leader if not dont worry to much .
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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