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Hi All,

Hope all is well, New to all this :D

2 years ago I stopped course fishing because I found it boring fishing carp and putting it back in the water. I wasn't very good at it also :cry:

Anyway I have decided to take on Sea fishing and I was hoping to use my existing rods and reels. I have hoping to fish from a pier around the South east/east coast area.

I have a heavy carp rod feeder with a heavy rear drag reel
A medium/Heavy spinning rod with a Shimano Baitrunner reel

I have various lines 20lb+ , 15lb+ and 35lib+

Hooks I will need to buy.

I will be investing in a beach caster and a proper Sea spinning rod, but for now I have to wait.

Will my current rods/reel be good enough to catch fish or shall I not waste my time going without the proper tools.


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My advice would be you are fine with what you have :)

If you are fishing from a pier, go with heavier line, so you can 'hand ball' anything you catch up the side.

you should be very familiar with the running ledger set up, and it works just as well in salt water. 2-3oz lead, snood acording to conditions (eg rocky, keep it short) and get out on the beaches if you can!

you will be a little limited as the summer species are thinning out, but you can have some really good fun with flatfish in the water tables during the cooler months.

a size 1-1/0 circle hook with a half dozen 'maddies' (harbour ragworm) cast gently into the water could pick you up anything really, GG's, Bass, Flounder.

Most of all, enjoy, learn, take your time.


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As said above , it don聮t matter what you have on the bank , the main thing is getting a bait amongst the fish , and a lot of the time they are not that far out , when the classifieds start again on here , check them out for a beachcaster , you might even get a swap for your carp rod ,I have a couple of 13 conolons in the shed gathering dust that will be on there , but they are rung for multiplier,,,,,,,,
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