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New to Shore fishing.....

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<font color='#000000'>Hi all

I am new to the forums and new to sea fishing as well and so am looking for a few pointers to help me get underway - i spend to much time in the office infront of a computer and thus need an escape

Anyway - i used to as a kid (10 to 16) do some course fishing around crawley where i grew up - my only sea related fishing is the summer family mackerel boats... not really sport...&#33;

Anyway so i have gone and bourght myself a selection of tackle (12&#39; Beach Travel Rod, a Multipler, braid, 聽and a selection of rig making bits along with a few traces - HOKKI feathers)

I have been reading alot about the sport and it is now looking like Saturday will be my first trip out - what i need now is a venue (mark) to head for on Saturday - i am based in London and am looking along the south coast (anywhere along it really) 聽

so i need a mark and details of a good tackle/bait shop on route...

any advice would be great as i am looking forward to my first trip



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<font color='#000000'>Hi Clani - Wow, straight in with multiplier&#33; good luck
You might want to practise before you go fishing with a weight only if you&#39;ve never used one before otherwise you may spend your first trip untangling birds nests:;):

Have you any idea what you want to target yet? That&#39;s usually a good start, as this will influence what bait you buy on the way to your mark.

if you are using a beach rod you should think about taking a tripod as it will become quite heavy depending on what you are doing, get some bait elastic to keep the bait on too&#33;

Hopefully I&#39;m not being too basic, but some things can be over looked quite easily
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<font color='#000000'>thanks for the reply Hondy

The Multipler.... i have heard they can be difficult to master but i like a challenge.... (i will see if i can get to a local park to give it a try)

as for fish to target i am mainly thinking bass... and one day i would like to go for conger but not first time out i don&#39;t think &nbsp;

i have been looking at the newhaven / seaford area as an option....

tripod and elastic i had overlooked.... and the other thing i was wondering about was a landing net.... but will i need this if i am just fishing from the shore and not a pier...?

Thanks again &nbsp;
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<font color='#000000'>Clani - I never use a landing net, these seem to be used by course fishermen more than sea angling. If you are going for Bass you might want to try crab, they like to go for disturbance in the water so spinning for bass with a plug is also an option - I think Bass is quite a hard fish to find, you may want to try for Pollack or Coalfish if they are about, they are easier to catch. Use sand eel or mackerel strips, it depends on the mark you fish from really - I guess you need to find out where you are going first and what fish frequent it.

Anyone got any mark info?
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<font color='#000000'>this is what i found on this site and it is an area i know quite well (inland that is)

so maybe i get "lucky" with the conger &nbsp;
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<font color='#000000'>Well there you have it in a nutshell&#33; I reckon pollack is your best bet
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<font color='#000000'>If you are unsure about what rigs to make up, pop over to the website and look for a selection that has a few different rigs. One seller (and no, I am not him, nor on commision)

usually has about 5 different rigs already made up. The chances are that most of these will be applicable to your fishing at some point, and you can either copy the ready made rigs if you want to make your own, or continue to buy ready made ones, as they are usually good value. There are many sellers of ready made rigs on ebay, it is just that the guy above sells different ones cheaply (cheaper than tackle shops round my way anyway).</font>
<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Quote (H0NDY @ July 07 2004,13:51)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"><font color='#000000'>Well there you have it in a nutshell&#33; I reckon pollack is your best bet
<font color='#000000'>But what does it taste like..... &nbsp;

if at all possible the idea is to eat what i catch.... thus why course fishing doesn&#39;t really interest me any more</font>
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<font color='#000000'>Yeh, I&#39;m with you there - Pollack maybe not so good then, how about Mackerel &nbsp;- although you mention they are not much of a challenge can still be fun on light tackle? They&#39;re always good on the BBQ too
&nbsp;If you can get them go for the Bass, they are not so easy to catch though so you may go hungry&#33;
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<font color='#000000'>well if i only catch mackerel that is no problem..... nothing better that BBQ markerel whilst out camping....

i shouldn&#39;t go hungry if i just get mackerel (and they do put up a nice fight - but the tackle i will have would be to heavy to make it sporting....)

if the pollack turn up then maybe he just goes back.... but bass will be the greatest thing to catch

or as you say maybe i will just come back with a cold... 聽

i will let you know how i get on.... thanks</font>
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<font color='#000000'>For a start Clani if you have never used a multiplier I suggest before you even decide to use it that you get some one with experience to set the breaks and the spool float or you&#39;ll soon be mighty pi**ed off picking out birdnests / overruns. As for the braid I suggest you stick to mono for now and I wouldnt use braid in any application except boat fishing.

A good investment is a Ron Thompson rig wallet they are probably the best value on the market. Start out simply until you learn the basics and dont be tempted to buy all the latest gizmo&#39;s. Tie a selection of rigs like the ones shown on this site, as selection of replacement snoods and that should sort you out for now.

A basic kit which I take fishing with me consists of:

2 x Multipliers (one spare)
Petrol Lamp and Headlight.

Seat box with the following:

Weights : - plain and grip weights at 5 and 6 oz
Spare line 15, 20, 30, 60 lb (shock leader)
Box of spares such as swivels, beads, hooks (Sizes 1,2 1/0 , 2/0 and 4/0 ), crimps, lead links etc.
Ling nose pliers which double up as emergency crimping tools, filleting knife, chopping board and a baiting needle (12" stainless steel one).
1 spare headlight bulb and a few mantles for the lantern.
Flask of tea to keep the spirits up.
Hat and gloves weather dependant and what ever else may be usefull on the day.

and of course a rig wallet with a selection of rigs.

As with all casting styles it is wise to have a length of shock leader about 1.5 times the length of the rod fixed to the reel, thats what the 60lb line is for. To save time I connect the leader and mainline to all my traces via a gemini rig clip the slim ones without the bait clip incorperated. They pass thorugh all the eyes of the rod and save time when packing up.

In general when Im fishing I have a ready baited rig hung on my tripod so I can change it as soon as I reel in cutting down the amount of time my bait is out of the water, the connecting clip on the leader has great advantage here.

Hope all this helps and tight lines mate.</font>
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<font color='#000000'>Try canvey point on the island not tried myself yet but people say its good local bait shop No 01268691542 or 01268792573 who could tell you more
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<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Quote (fishing_fanatic @ July 07 2004,18:23)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"><font color='#000000'>if you have never used a multiplier I suggest before you even decide to use it that you get some one with experience to set the breaks and the spool float or you&#39;ll soon be mighty pi**ed off</font>[/b][/quote]
<font color='#000000'>Thanks for the advice - i will see what i can do about that

Quick question about tripods..... how much should i expect to pay for one and what should i look for when buying

the rest of tonight is going to be spent making up rigs....

<font color='#000000'>I paid around 拢30 for mine, cheaper ones do exist but i like the telescopic legs, good for rock marks. The ones with the spikey back legs seem better in blowy conditions in the sand. You may not need one, pier barriers etc are just as good, I only mentioned it in case you ended up holding a static line for 4 hous
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<font color='#000000'>My advice is to go for the veals delux match tripod or the Ian Golds as both of these are the muts nuts. It is also a good idea to but a leg locking kit and a trace bar to hang traces on. For the lot it will probably cost 拢50 but its a one off investment that will give you many years of service, a sound investment. Dont buy the ones made by Which tackle with the plastic clasps that fit the leg to the head as they tend to seperate and fall over causing damage to your rod.</font>
<font color='#000000'>hi do you have a car were abouts in london are you i live in chelsea my car is being sold i fish in newhaven</font>
<font color='#000000'>Hi Ron unfortunatley I dont live any where near London so cant help you out. Hope you find some one to catch a lift with as I get withdrawl symptoms when I havnt been fishing for a while.</font>
<font color='#000000'>I would like to say thank you to all who have posted advice in this topic....

I did make it down to the coast on Saturday. Just east of Eastbourne. It was an interesting day to say the least.....

I got there late and so missed the morning tide and it had been going out for a couple of hours by the time i got set up...

So all sorted clipped a weight on the end and did my first cast with this rod a multipler.... it was ok.... so i realed it back in and then clipped a rig i had made up the night before on and then casted again - this time things didn&#39;t go so well.... my first birdsnest...

about 20 minutes later i finally got it all untangled and finally got some bait in the water with a very conservative cast - but at least no birdsnest...

shortly after that another fisherman turned up and set up just down from me.... the nod and a wave were exchanged - i thought go and ask a bit of advice about the real... it turned out that he was italian and didn&#39;t speak a word of english... oh well.....

thoughout the day the casting improved and so did the speed at which i could untangle the nests - and the number of birdsnests did drop....

The next major issue was the tackle loss.... thinking that the 50lb braid i have got as a mainline would not require a shockleader was ok (it could cope the the casting stress) until i found that the braid couldn&#39;t cope with the abrasive nature of the large pebbles being rubbed across it... so i would real the line in and then switch rigs (as i would have one baited and ready) and then cast again..... and watch my nicely baited rig fly off into the distance without the line attached....

That did get a bit boring after a while.... i would think i have cut away (and disposed of properly) the damaged braid that i could see and then next rig on - but not for long.....

In all i spent about 7 hours on the beach and all i caught was the sun... oh well...

the italian chap did pull our a weaver fish i think - about 6 inches long - greeny yellow - but that was the only thing i saw leave the water

It started to fill up at about 5pm but by that point i had had enough for the day (and didn&#39;t have much tackle left) so headed home

I made alot of mistakes that day but you have to learn....

So until next time (and i will time that one better with the tides)

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<font color='#000080'>We &nbsp;all have to start somewhere Clani, at least you are going again&#33;
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