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Got some new toys yesterday and although I had no intention of fishing today (just ask the missus!) I simply had to put them through their paces .l.o.l. :fishing:

Grabbed a few crab and set off.

Got to a tranquil spot, as far away from the hordes as possible :clap2:

Managed to get a couple of hours fishing in on the last of the flood, plenty of fish about, albeit of the small variety. Missed a few and had loads of bites/rattles.

Landed three schoolie bass (christening the new gear in the process :thumbs:)

I know the gear might be massive overkill for small bass, but in all fairness I was fishing for their Great grandad!

Headed home empty-handed and told 'er indoors I'd stay in next weekend......wait a min, club comp next week....ssshhh!:whistling


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