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Evening gents...

I don't like posting on a forum without here it is.

The names Matt AkA 'The Dundee *******' mainly due to my self sufficiency tendencies.

I hunt, shoot and fish on a regular....(scarily regular) basis....

I also own small holding in Angus.

Just bought a new boat..15ft'er and hope to be getting out a fair bit in the coming years.

I mainly boat fish, also I do fish from the rocks and beech occasionally.

I'm not particularly experienced in Scotland, most of my sea fishing has been done in South/West Wales. But I have fished the West Coast for Skate,Pollack, Tope, ling Mackerel etc....

I am am contributing member to several shooting forums...if you know me..say hello.

Expect lots of ...... "where do I launch......... fish bait....crap......park........" type questions...sorry, just treat me like a muppet, I'm married...and used it..

Look forward to talking to you all..:help:


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Welcome to the forum Matt. Hopefully we'll get the chance to bump into each other as we're in the same area.

Might bend your ear a bit about getting out shooting, something i've always wanted to do but just haven't yet.

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welcome to the forum, from Dundee here too, not one for the shooting but due to some of the locals i could be tempted lol. Maybe see you out and about sometime :)

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Welcome to the forum Matty everyone here helpful with advice.As to your shooting i can show you a place where i fish at B/F plenty moving targets :roll1:.
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