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Newbie/ gourdon fishing

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Evening all, just joined this forum tonight as it's given me lots of info tonight.
I used to live in stonehaven and fished off piers and rocks nearby for years but now living in aberdeen i'm going out on a boat from gourdon soon for a days trip and was just wondering if anyone could give me any ifno that would help me on the day like bait, lures etc.. Any help is greatly appreciated and i'm confident somebody on here will be able to help.

While i'm at it anyone any experience fishing at the donmouth? What like is the action there?
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Donmouth - great place for catching flatties, in the river channel for flounder and in amongst the shoals in front of it for dab and plaice as well.
All the usual lures will work, tinsel traces catch just about anything, muppets, hokeyes, feathers, crawfish....for baits try mussel and lug, both of which can be used to tip the lures. Tipping the lures with a strip of fresh mackerel can also produce the odd ling or wolf fish. Just keep the weight bouncing along the bottom and you'll catch fish. Feel for changes in the bottom depth and dont let the line go slack otherwise you're likely to get snagged up. A 10cm piece of line, with a couple of knots in it , between the trace and your weight will act as a rotten bottom and stop you losing the whole rig if you do become snagged. Just dont try casting with it.
Best of luck and let us know what you catch.
Thanks for the help guys, i'll know at the back of 7 tonight if the trip is on or off so fingers crossed. I will be going to dig lug tomorrow and maybe take a trip to the fishmonger or see if i can get a fresh mackarel from a mate.
You should be able to catch some mackerel!!
Well i thought the trip would be cancelled as when i looked out today first thing the swell was huge but we headed out anyway but didn't go too far out and left gourdon and headed north about 5 miles but the swell was just too big so we cut the trip short, only 10 mackerel caught but 8 of them were by me :D :D but to be honest most were just hooked through various parts of the body and not mouth. Hope to go out sometime again and maybe a bit further out too.
I've not heard any good reports from that neck of the woods lately. Mates fishing out of Stonehaven had a terrible trip last weekend. Think I'll have a go in the Forth this week, the fish can't have got any smaller than the ones I caught the last time!
Anyone been out from Arbroath recently?
I heard there was a few little cod caught downie point in stonehaven last week but there was nothing in sea yestarday. However it has got me in the mood for dropping a line in more often so i went into shed and dusted off beachcaster now if i could only find that reel........... :confused:
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