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I have just started :D to fish from the shore in and around Dundee and Tayport. Fishing is ok with small coal fish and flatties being taken. The biggest so far is a 1 1/2 flounder. There have been no cod or sea trout yet but still hoping.

I would like to here of any good marks around this area, ie Arbroath, Fife etc and what set up is used / bait.

Bait tried so far is Rag, Mack, Muss, Squid, Prawns and jelly power plus the kitchen sink.

I go out of Arbroath on the boat with guys from work on the Mari Don, skip Jim Swankie who is excellent and well worth going out with as he searches all his marks until you hit fish. A good bloke :D and a great laugh.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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