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Going camping down newgale this weekend and was wondering whats it like to fish of that beach, what bait to use. Is it good for spinning etc.
I ll have a beginner with me aswell, just wondering is it any good down there to dig our own bait
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Newgale is fished like any other storm/surf beach its flat so youl need beach casting gear loaded with plenty of line. Best fished at night as in the day its chock a block with surfers and swimmers. Fish it close in for flounder and then a bit further out for bass. A lot of people like to fish it 2 hours either side of low water .. or fish more of the flood if your catching fish.

Razor fish and rag worm and lug work well.

Nearest tackle shop would be Anglers Corner at Milford Haven, 1 Pill Road, 01646 698899.

If you want to spin then the rocks at little haven point, or at broad haven on the north side rocks (along the coastal path) can produce mackerel and bass.
Jubilee beach near dale in excellent for digging rag, also the back of sandy haven creek can dig lug and collect crabs etc.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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