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Going camping down newgale this weekend and was wondering whats it like to fish of that beach, what bait to use. Is it good for spinning etc.
I ll have a beginner with me aswell, just wondering is it any good down there to dig our own bait
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AWESOME, Cheers mate for the reply, got my spinning gear packed aswell. i have looked at previous posts but still cant find anywhere we can dig our own bait, is newgale beach any good for this, i did hear that solva is good for diggin worm ?
Just got back, only had chance to fish fri night for 2 hrs ( due to mrs and her sis moaning), managed to dig some bait ( lug) from sandy haven creek, lots of casts but really hard to find the worm lol, then my spade snapped (typical). We fished 1hr before and after and I managed to catch a schoolie just short of 2lb on high tide. Gutsy fish swallowed it all the way down and was bleeding bad and didnt think it would make it, so in the end ( rather than try and get the hook out smashing his insides out) i cut the line close to his mouth and let him go. The novice is now hookied on fishing too and is looking forward to having another go

Stunning place would definately like to go fishing down there again and have a go at spinning, looks really basssy lol. Looking forward to next year now
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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