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see attached poster for match details

Total fished =124, Made up of 110 Seniors, 13 juniors, 1 O.A.P
result first 20 in the table below.

1st P. Mather 6.960kg 1 Thornback Ray, 2 conger eel
2nd G.John 6.090kg, 1 conger eel, 1 dogfish
3rd S.Smith 4.480kg, 1 Thornback Ray, 2 Conger eel.

1st Kristian Williams - 0.19kg - Whiting
2nd Jake McCoy - 0.14kg - Whiting
3rd Joe Bunce - No Fish (drawn for prize)

Plenty of fish caught on the day, most from the area in front of the lighthouse pub most other areas were quiet with only odd fish.

Main fish Caught were Thornback rays, Conger eel, silver eels with odd Dogfish, whiting and flatfish

Results see attachment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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