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Hi guys .Had a nice week in Newquay .Got there on the sunday afternoon ,nice weather...a walk with my wife and me sussing out fishing places of course .:nono:
Monday to thurs afternoon poxy weather from hell 25 knot winds and wet stuff .:thumbdown:thumbdown
Still no prob enjoyed a few car rides ,walks etc .
Found the fish factory but the swells were to bad to fish ...wot a pong .
Found a nice tackle shop with helpfull owner ,under a gift shop facing the harbwr.When i finally got out it was for hr or so on the main jetty on the steps .Got my tiny rod 5lb line,nnut for a weight ,size 12 hook and a 2 inch rag.Flicked 10 mtrs or so close to the steps .....a minute or so a nice bite on inspection whatever had ripped my rag off the hook:clap:...out again ,same thing ..mmmmm out again and bingo ...a dab.Carried on then the little rod swung around resulting in a schoolie .:clap:
Went again fri afternoon for about two hrs .Same place i managed a dab again .:fishing:
Looking over the harbwr there is another small jetty near the lifeboat...ill try that .Out goes a rag ...nothing .
I noticed that earlier there was some big boulders 6ft ish from the end of the jetty .down goes a rag ..hardly hit the bottom when hard /fast bites .A fish a drop..mainly blennies also a small coalie .
lots of fun as usuall...ill fish for anything it all gives me joy and happiness,im easilly pleased .
This is an ideal place to take children and big kids like yourselves .tho dont go on big springs there.the wash will splash over and also the high water my come behind around the other end of the jetty ill have to go for the big stuff soon...can feel a wonga sess comeing on
cheers :fishing::fishing:

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It goes to show you dont have to catch big fish to have fun,glad you enjoyed your holiday.
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