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Just arrived home from a long weekend... Bad news this time...nothing on the bass scean after 3 tides of plugging and spinning so as not to be a blanker off i went on the next low water and dug some lug. And took myself to aberporth for the evening tide georgious evening and a flat calm hundreds of brit around the rocks other danglers thrashing the water with there feathers for mackey's the local potters told me in the morning they are still 12 miles out so i dident bother and they wert catching i dident have the heart to tell them why spoil there fun. lol so i fished on the bottom not a nibble untill 2 hrs down a 6oz whiting then a 2oz flattie great i said they are on the feed.. not another nibble... HO WELL THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT WEEKEND clive.

blidy big sunset


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