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just come back from an extra long weekend at newquay the whiting are in but not in great numbers as yet, The first tide i fished was sunday night 5.2 mtrs i fished two hours up and two down having waded through a pack of dogs last count was 12. 30 mins before high tide the first whiting arrived a good 1lb nice one i mumbled to the next 40 mins i had taken 18 from 10 ozs to some well over a lb on squid and mack coctail on a pully rig. they taild off and then the dogs came back.

monday am tide 5.1 mtr tide went down 30 min before high tide this time first cast straight in to them all not so big this time 10 ozs down to 4 ozs and they vanished on the high tide two taken home the rest returned for next year 9 caught.

monday pm tide 4.9 mtr tide dogs having a party at my bait expence 2 whiting thumb size mutter mutter.

tue am the same dogs having a party very windy and raining had a crashing bite from a bass... one of em butt off the ground jobs.... nuthing else :(

tue pm blown off force 6 heavy rain.

wed am raining 4.5mtr tide lots of weed in the water giving false bites 10 min after high water 6 whiting all around 1lb no dogs for a change . back to the van and do two days of washing up and put the hoover around if only she knew!!
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