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hello all,!!

just a quickie to let you all know whats going on up on the northwest coast, Achiltibuie, slightly north of Ullapool.

shore news only, (haven't got a boat,,,YET!! still to talk the wife into it!!)

not to much showing at the moment, pollock upto 2lb and plenty of coalfish, mostly under 1lb, all taken on 60grm dexter wedge, ive found this to be the most productive lure up here, the bigger pollock, 5-7lb should be moving in during november, but these require a long cast with the lure, on the limits of my abilities any way, the bigger pollock seem to be in the top 6 meters of water, must be after small surface feeding/swimming fish.

have NEVER caught using baits up here! but this year i am trying to use bait that i can find on the beach/rocks instead of squid/mackerel. have had a few knocks but think this is from small fish tugging at my baits. have often pulled the bait i to find a crab hanging off it!! will be, and am collecting razor fish, cockles, small saithe, mussles and anything else i come across.

would like some info about baits up here, just cant seem to catch without lures !!

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