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How deep is the water at low tide at Newton Point??

Also, I was thinking of trying the float (surprised there:) ) over high water from the ledge by the car park casting towards the 2 rocky outcrops sticking up!

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Best ask Marcus about that mate or another regular Porthcawl gooer

To be honest I haven't fished there before as I usually opt for the peer. Or some other area and fish it at a higher tide.
However my mates kid and missus will be with him and we can get rid of them in the fair if we fish at Newton :D

The way the peer has been fishing lately its worth a go at least.

I was thinking of asking you whether it was possible to fish the rocks with a float
:) like I said I've never fished there before so any tips would be appreciated.
If the water is suitable rest assured I will be trying the float as well as the big guns.
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