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Nice day to be afloat

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Well decided to go last minute with my son got to the club to find about 9 other boats sat on the sand waiting for the tide so had a leisurely sort out of the boat as we were in no rush

got afloat and headed down to Kerton Rd just of Dungeness had lots of doggies and whiting and also managed a 9lb cod lost something that decided to snap 40lb braid i dont think it was a cod as it dived to the bottom and stayed there lol

lovely day sun came out to play the wind buggered off headed back in only thing that was a pain was getting the anchor stuck driving it out on the bouy was no fun lol
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glad you got out- was a lovely day out there- could have been summer- oh no its cold ,windy wet in summer -lol
I remember those things....i had a few this year and they seem to be avoiding me now, i have just bought a deep fat fryer too"!!!

Well done, such a difference a day makes....looked like summer again, pity it happens on days i cannot get out:marinheir
it was like summer but with cold feet
we were down that way n struggled to find the codling................. report...and a brill catch...

good on you for reporting...thanks..eggy....
we were down that way n struggled to find the codling.................
it was hard going i lost a stonker of a fish to dont think it was a cod as it went like the clappers and snapped 40lb braid possibly a tope?
Probably a conger we lost 3 reasonable congers today good scrap with good weight then bitten off we bought to smaller eels to the boat to be t barred off well done on the cod we struggled today
think Gibberfish filled his boat with cod as per normal lol
I am so gutted that I could not get out today. I had to work, but my boat is also being rewired as all the connections to the batteries were so badly corroded they need to be replaced. Even if I had been able to start it I could have been stuck out there when I wanted to come back in.
All the reports I have seen show absolutely perfect conditions out there and a good number of fish caught. Hopefully my turn will come soon. The boat should be ready to go again by Thursday so hope to be out in the next week or so.
conditions were pretty special for a change shorts and t-shirt weather almost it was nice i tent to only take the kids on these kind of days
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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