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Took the 8am lock gate from Penarth out into the middle of the channel in between Nash and Summerhouse Point looking for Spurs.
Probably the roughest I've been out in with swells the size of a house (well ok a Hobbit's bungalow). Not scarey, but bigger than I'm used to as you will find out...

No spurs unfortunately - it was a case of 'you should have been here yesterday - flat calm, clear water and 15 spurs!! But we still managed a few doggies, rays and congers from the VERY coloured water.
After a few hours it became apparent that no matter what tablets I took, water I sipped or ginger root I chewed - things were not feeling quite right in the Growler constitution. Skipper Steve asked me why I was so quiet and I told him I was feeling a bit woosie - 'Stop drinking water, have something to eat!' and passed me a packet of salted crisps. I popped a mouthfull in me gob and within 30 seconds the world projected from me and over the side.

During this time, however, the guy who plays Moz from Belonging (Julian Lewis Jones) pulled in a conger that was bigger than me! I missed the fight as I was feeding the seagulls - but It was a whopper.

Me emptied out (thanks skipper for the great tip - salted crisps work a treat) we headed in-shore just of summerhouse looking for a few late Cod and Schoolies. No bass, but one 4-5lb cod from the skipper (which is now in my freezer tnx again).

Just a few more doggies and that was about it - although the world did not stop moving until this morning...

We were fishing lug, mackrel, squid, crab, rag. Every bait was successful, but the Cod came to a rag / lug / squid cocktail.

It was interesting that the fishing had been so great the day before (typical), Wed was a proper spring day and the tide was half a metre lower that Thrus. But by Thurs the wind had swung NW bringing the colder weather and the swell was right up - it really killed the fishing. Hopefully, the catch reports from boats on the S Wales coast for the 28th will bode good fishing for the year when the weather is a little kinder.

Finally, I don't think it was the Coffee that first mate Keith made me that welcomed the dreaded sea sickness, I think it was his ar*e - blimey keith what have you got up there?

Finally finally, Steve is still not selling the Nik-i-lou. It is however falling apart. The damn windscreen wiper fell off on the way out and Steve had to pilot with his head out of the electric sunroof for the entire journey. (before anyone starts - that last comment is my idea of a joke).

Keith the behaviour of your ar*e is unacceptable, please leave the big brother house.

Great day out, even with the lack of fish and me wanting to die.

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