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Hi again, yes this question in sort of based around abbotsbury again but I love da place! Well im gettin a lot of new gear and just wondered how many rods you fish when you fish abbotsbury or chesil?? because

1) i presume close in the surf for bass? - pennel rig??
2) A 2/ 3 hook rig (rag,mack,squid,lug) for the smaller species e.g bream, plaice, pout, pollock etc.
3) what about another rod for long range e.g a 1 hook or mayb 2 hook for like a sandeel bait and maybe a crab bait?? for ray, doggies and smoothounds??

So if you fish 3 rods do you take 2 tripods?? sorry im confused unless you us elike 3hook flapper rigs with a sandeel bait crab and either mack or rag bait. please some info on this thanks matt
hello matt
i tend to try and keep it to a mimimun on chesil and stick with just the 6 rods
(1) big bait in the edge for bass
(2) big bait at distance for the conger and smutts
(3) scratching rod for the small stuff while i wait for the for the lunkers on the other
(4) a float set up for the garfish
(5)a plugging rod for bass and pollock
(6) a feathers rod for macky bashing
i have 3 tripods in a row

LOL , Not realy mate
2 rods will be enough for most anglers to deal with and if the fishing is that good you may find your self reeling in one of them and just useing one. Just make sure you have a few different methods of fishing with you in your tackel box and bait bucket.. for example a few different rigs , a selection of weights, some feathers, a few plugs or simaler,and some floats,
Bait wise .... some crabs, worms ,squid, mackeral shrimps
Just 1 tripod will do you fine,
The more rods you use the more bait you will use and the more money it will cost you!
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