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Hi again, yes this question in sort of based around abbotsbury again but I love da place! Well im gettin a lot of new gear and just wondered how many rods you fish when you fish abbotsbury or chesil?? because

1) i presume close in the surf for bass? - pennel rig??
2) A 2/ 3 hook rig (rag,mack,squid,lug) for the smaller species e.g bream, plaice, pout, pollock etc.
3) what about another rod for long range e.g a 1 hook or mayb 2 hook for like a sandeel bait and maybe a crab bait?? for ray, doggies and smoothounds??

So if you fish 3 rods do you take 2 tripods?? sorry im confused unless you us elike 3hook flapper rigs with a sandeel bait crab and either mack or rag bait. please some info on this thanks matt
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