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No triggers but a welcome treat

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We went out last saturday & monday for another go at the triggers. Stopped off the head for some bait & the macky duly obliged with some stonkers mixed in with the joeys which we put in the live tank. We then headed off to the mark & tried a few drifts with the pollack there in numbers we decided to anchor up which is real easy as the local dive boat has left a bouy tied to the wreck so we just tie on that. Down went the baited hooks & along came the pouts but no triggers. We persevered & got a few black bream but none were keepers. On the sounder little orange marks off the bottom were appearing & as we weren't sure down went the feathers but nothing doing so tried a squid jig & bingo! Had half a dozen in no time & they were all over 18inches. They were ringed, bread-crumbed & fried. Bl88dy rich they were too! Sorry for no pics but just an update on what I've been catching. Tight lines:thumbs:
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Nice one!!!!!When this damn easterly wind flats off i hope to be out,smash a few bass first then go after cod and squid.
Squid-ing is a good laugh especially when my old man got ink-ed.:icecream:

Do you catch all day as we had more success at half light?
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