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What a lovely new year! Gales, back knackered and head trashed.
Tried Fisherman's Jetty, Goodwick sometime before Xmas (dunno when). Small whiting, rockling, small conger.
Cwm-Yr-Eglws (the famous huss record mark) sometime after new year (bit blurry). What a cracking looking mark! Reefs, rough, clean, weed - its all there. Water bit clear. Whiting, rockling, pouting, conger (small). Around low water Lewis and my mate Vaughan had non-stop bites from rockling and conger. Lewis had to leap on his rod at one point to stop it disappearing, and broke the rod rest! Nice introduction to a mark.

If you want to try it the mark is round to the left of the beach on the rocky point. But the access route across the rocks is slippery and you are cut off as the tide rises. I would really recommend fishing the mark in daylight before you do a session at night or go with someone who has fished the mark before. Don't take any risks.

Vaughan had fished there a lot some years ago, and had a pretty impressive list of species for the mark. Its also within spitting distance of the local ray hotspot at Aberfforest, so I will be going back again soon after the flat, weird beasties.

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