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Good morning all!

I wonder if any anglers from North Wales could help in recommending any nice fishing marks up there?

My wife, son and I are visiting my parents near Porthmadog this time next month and I'm hoping to get out fishing a couple of times.

The immediate coastal area of Morfa Harlech is a mixture of shallow, open, sandy beach to the right with a vast area of large natural bolders to the left. I have fished here with my beach casters before but with little success clearly due to my lack of that vital local knowledge.

I wouldn't mind fishing here if anyone has any tips on this area of beach, but really I'm most interested to fish from my favoured rock marks, or jetties, piers and break-waters. If you guys from that part of the world can recommend any of these types of feature within a 45 minute drive of this area I would be most most most greatful!!!

Oh and best methods for those areas would obviously be a massive bonus too!!! :D

Thanks a lot in advance!

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