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I go fishing in the pembrook area with my hubby most weekends :p , we have a caravan sited in wisemans bridge,
though i may as well fish as watch him :( and must admit i enjoy (as long as the weather is good). fished amroth beach on sat evening. hubby did not have a bite :( a dogfish ate my bait by mistake told him my hubby would not be happy but that's life!
visted manobier on sunday hubby had three small wrasse , i had three big ones also hooked something big that snaped my line need not repeat the word my hubby used to tell me i should have played it (over rocks and in the gullys i would have liked to have seen him try)
learning fishing feamale

paid4tackledealersroller said:
Good on ya girl but maybe a name change may be in order some of us on this site are a bit old and confused ;)
What do you mean, we are all confused :) :)

And as for old, I am not 50 YET

And in the atmosphere of being Politically Correct, you should change you name to rhonddaPERSON
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