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Not quite in scotland but....

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Hey all,

Currently on holiday in northern Manitoba here in Canada, been here for a week and here for another 3 weeks yet. The fishing is a little bit different. I am currently helping a buddy out with his commercial fishing on one of the lakes on the Nelson river system. The quantity of fish is immence. Its stictly regulated as not to allow over fishing. My buddys family has been fishing this lake for over 70 years.

The fishing is for - Pickeral, Pike, Mullet, Goldeye, Perch, Whitefish, Mooneye and a few others.

I have been keeping busy doing all the fish dressing, going to be an expert by the time I get home, lol. I will put a few reports up on my return.

Heres a little picture of me with a big Pickeral(the big money fish)


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