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With the weather letting up for a bit over the weekend, we decided to have a little stroll along the Bristol Avon. I brought a light lure rod along without any particular expectations, as the river is very high, with the heavily coloured water flowing through at quite a clip.

Finding a couple of areas where back eddies had slackened the flow a bit, I managed to have a couple of casts along the way with the dropshot, for the most part finding nothing but snags.

Of course Sod's law dictated that when I finally got tight to a fish, it would be at a place where the steep bank was very high above the river, with overhanging branches and brambles everywhere. Thanks to no small amount of luck and some brave and creative netsmanship by my friend Jimbo, we managed to slip a lovely winter perch into the net, after a hair-raising fight with a good deal of slipping and sliding.


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Not really the correct forum lol what :)

Well done..stunning fish.

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Cracking fish m8, I do a fair bit of perch fishing & one that size is what I dream off. Well Done, & I guess it's light game

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Nice pesky Perch.
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