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i have the basics and am investing in a floatation suit but each month i want to add stuff that will futher my experiace of fishing which i have to say im loving dont matter what it is or how much all sugetions welcomed to this novice thanks all:fishing1:

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if you intend to fish itnto the winter or night fish i would suggest: shelter(ron thompson would be my choice)
2.headlamp(led lenser)
3.thermal boots.
all anglers have their own personnel choice but i am very happy with the gear i use.hope this helps.

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id suggest

1) beachcaster buy best you can

2) decent multiplier or fixed spool

3) rod rest

4) floatation suit 2 piece prefrably

5) seat box maybe shakesspear with back rest conversion to keep all your gear in and handy to sling on your back comfy to.

6) terminal tackle to make rigs and a selection of grip leads

7) headlamp would go with above led lenser rechargable 1 i use this light myself and its fantastic.
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