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Was Skate fishing out of Oban today, was on Laura Dawn skipper'd by Ronnie Cambell

Weather was dire, heavy rain at times, s/westerly wind 5-7

Day started off slow, nothing for the 1st hour then a couple of doggies followed by a Thornback, Dutch guy that was along got a run, lifted into to it then nothing for the 1st 15 mins....he finnally got it moving only for it to come off another 15 mins later

Bit slow after this, then my reel screamed off :D again it was an age before the barn door moved, after an hour it popped its head on the surface only for it to take 1 look at my ugly mug and head for the deeps , by this time the Dutch guy is into another fish so we are playing both fish feet apart :D ( and im praying nothing is gonna happen ) 80 mins into it I get fish on the deck...180lb Skate, my best ( well it wouldnt be hard only had 1 before and it was only 25lb :D )

5 mins later the Dutch dude has his on deck 223lb biggest Skate so far landed on Ronnies boat so he says :D

2 happy bunnies at the end of the day....cant wait to go back

both fish returned safely
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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