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armed to the teeth with nice fresh bate...
car loaded up and set off about 8.
me,myself,i and my mate called tom,
waved goodbye to the wife.......
"dont worry love this wont take long"

some inside information from this wise old chap,
"rain tonite lads" get yourselves down the knap!!
pulled up and parked under a bright street light,
hid the face off radio, out off sight.

on with the ruck-sack,bucket and rod
"COME ON TOM LETS GO AND BAG-US-SOME-COD".......................
after walking the pebbles in a sky that was dark
we came to the place we knew, was our mark!

fighting the wind and the rain,
threading my worm was proving a pain
"tom i havent had this much fun, since i was a kid"
he replied"remember remember tip your hook with some squid"!!!!!!

knock after knock
we were fighting off whiting
but not one SODDING COD
came our way and started biting

three hours up and 2 hours down
i looked across to tom, who was now wearing a frown!
"come on pack up lets call it a night"
in fairness to tom i think he was right!

so mister cod if your reading this rhyme
be on your guard cos we`ll have you next time.......................

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The ode was quite good from an angling brother,
So I thought I would sit down & write you another,
Armed your your bucket, your bait, & your lamp,
You thought you looked hard, but were really quite "camp".

Braving the wind & the snow & the rain,
Casting your lugworms, alas all in vain,
tipping with squid as your mate had remarked,
You'd be better off sat in the car where you parked!

Fishless & wet through you toddle off back,
With never a single cod in your sack,
Your wife screams aloud "dont drip on the floor",
I must tell you brother, we've been there before!
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