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Thought you might like to know what tackle “Mature Student”! Has acquired, plus thoughts on same. First purchase was a Sundridge Electra Surfcaster 10ft x 4oz. This came from ebay with a Daiwa MG7050H fixed spool. Seems to do the job. Took it on a boat trip caught Pout and Mackerel. No luck beachwise as yet but with Mike’s help……

Looking at the more experienced chaps on the boat trip I took a mental note of the rods they were using and scoured the charity shops until I found something similar. Went back to ebay for a reel. Bought a SANYU S.B.C. 80, biggest load of rubbish! It gave up the ghost on my first retrieve of a small mackerel. Being of an engineering persuasion I took it into the shed and carefully dismantled it. The anti-reverse pawl which controls the retrieve was held in place by a thin piece of copper sheet riveted to the sides of the pawl! I sent it back and got another in return. Exactly the same construction (and exactly the same faulty design). It now resides on a shelf waiting for me to convert the lathe into a milling machine and manufacture a new piece out of stainless steel, sometime…..

For boat trips I have a Penn Model 85 (from ebay) With which I am extremely happy. Made moulds to cast my own lead, even had a go at making rigs! Been out in the field practising casting, mega snarl up on the Penn. But then if there were no snarl ups, you wouldn’t be trying!

Fish or no fish, thoroughly enjoying the learning curve! Cheers, Tony.
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