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ogmore deeps

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Hi All
Thinking of fishing the deeps this week (wed/thu) anyone know whats been happening around there? my computer broke down a few weeks ago so I lost touch with whats going on. any info would be great
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Doggies galore,,odd conger..quiet really
marcus, whats the best baits to use for ogmore?
Hi m8 , when i caught my conger on sat, it was on a small whitting ,which took a rag bait ,as i was going for a small turbot at the time .the other baits i had with me where squid , crab and sandeels .i had a good knock on sandeel but missed it . The other baits had liitle or no effect ,used on there own or as cocktails . hope it helps !
id have go with Rag/squid/mackky/sandeel...try some raw king prawns if you can get em..tesco's or sainsburys
cheers for the info guys..... Hey Marcus hows porthcal fishing at the moment?
not to bad actually...pier is pretty busy,,but if you get there at a daft time,,when normal people are stand a better chance..

Plenty of doggies out there,,the odd ray starting to show too,still whiting around...and then theres always a chance of that elusive bloody
ill be going tommorow around 1pm ish hopefully..welcome to join me if ya like
yo marcus any luck at porthcawl the other day?
you seen my pier report??..

Like i said ^^Loads of doggies about..and a lil blond ray^^ ;)

Good fishing there at the mo if like me, you like to catch anything...!! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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