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I Quote "Fishing Report Ogmore estuary by Gary Cogbill 13th Jan
On the 9th jan I decided to try the river mouth in Ogmore, after hearing from friends that codling were showing up. I fished 2hrs up and 1hr after and caught 3 codling, the largest being 4lb, oddly, none of them were caught on squid or worm but on makeral strips using a 2 hook paternoster rig."

My mates report from a different web site.


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i fished with gary on the pier in porthcawl once,,we caught bugger all...

but he did tell me about a strange cockeyed guy that walks the pier and talks utter rubbish to fishermen,,

and low and behold,2 weeks later i encountered said lunatic,,who proceded to tell me that his rubber dingy had holes in it,,and they stole his cd collection..!BONKERS

nice man,,just a little mad,and lonely i suppose,,i laughed after he left,,but also felt a bit sorry for him..

anyway.. such is life
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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