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Decided to fish the estuary tonite as didnt wont to travel far with busy day in work tommorow etc, so thought maybe a chance of a turbot? fished it from 5pm til 9pm, with a pk of sandeel, sum macky and a doz hermit crab collected earlier from newton. Fished with my bass rod with flowing ledger and syntra with pulley pennel at distance, caught 2 pouting on hermit/macky on bass rod(close in) and then chucked out a sandeel/macky at distance with with other rod, not expecting much really, then slack liner and reeled in a codling..only bout a lb but well unexpected! next was a whiting, then 2 dogs,then time to go home for a munch and a nice can of lager! (or 2) Fab!! Turned out to be quite a good sess as didnt really expect much, good laugh, good weather, not much more wanted from a session really:) all fish returned to fight another day..

Tight lines to all

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