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Old Portsmouth Yesterday

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Not been out for a while due to ill health however decided to go out yesterday. Fished the channel at Old Portsmouth yesterday LW just before 5pm. Had problems holding bottom and loads of weed coming through lost a couple of rigs and then just as I was managing to hold bottom a canoeist came through and cut both lines . Even with a few explainatives he carried on in his own world.
Fished for another hour until the tide turned and then moved to the small pier by the castle. A couple of tentative bites later and I called it a day especially as the canoeist was back in the area

Bait used Peeler Crab on running ledgers

Thinking back maybe should have fished into darkness

Got my bait from Hookers on Hayling and the crabs were in perfect popping condition easy to peel and straight on the hooks

reading some of the other reports should have stayed at Hayling and tried for a ray into darkness, would like to have a try for a shore turbot soon if anyone could recommend any area, am willing to travel


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thanks for the replies thought about pebbles however with the tourists around decided against it, thanks for the tip on turbot
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