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Having a day off of work decided last thing Friday afternoon to fish my local fishing spot during the night tide.(Isle of grain) after meeting my mate Bert out in the mud to dig some nice fresh grain lug we decide to fish the railings and grain front. Started fishing around 21:00 as high tide was just after23:00 and not a very high one. I decide to use my light bass fishing gear fishing in short after whatever would be feeding. First cast produced a small codling around 25cm I was chuffed to bits. Next was Berts turn after careful putting the little codling back ( hopefully to catch when he is a bit bigger). Berts rod had a lovely bite which when landed produced a lovely bass of 47cm estimate weight around the 3lb mark. Bites were coming with every cast which at the end of the night scores were
Me: 4 codling 1ting
Bert: 1 codling 3 ting 1 bass(47cm)
Not a bad way to pass a Friday night chilling a nice free trip.
Tight lines
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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