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Good Evening all,

Inspired by Sinking Mans recent bass catching exploits at Dungie, I thought I'd give it a bloody good crack today.

Got there at 07:45, picked up two score of nice fresh blacks and set off to the point to fish two down and two up. Weather was pretty nasty, with heavy rain, 18mph onshore winds and very large swells. Water was quite coloured and looked good for a bass!


Because of the heavy conditions I went for nice big baits on a pennel rig and 7oz lead:


Now fishing was tough going in these conditions, and it was pretty much impossible to spot a bite. Nevertheless, there were plenty of fish about with some nice size whiting and dogfish caught as well as this pouting:


About an hour after low the swell worsened and I was getting snagged regularly despite being close as safely possible to the water and rod tip high. That and the fact I was catching micro ting and no bass I decided to pack up and move to the life boat station to catch the flood there.

Conditions were bang on. Much calmer than the point, but with plenty of colour and tables of waves coming in:


As we know, Dungie is a fickle mistress and despite giving the right signs, two hours later I had only micro ting and small dogfish. However, just as I was feeling a bit grumpy I actually spotted a banging bite and managed to land this beauty. Check out the blue in the caudal fin!



Well happy :)


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