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On to dry land! (Hayling island)

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Following our unsuccessful boat trip we went to the pub! 3 pint later we had the best idea ever. Go to Hayling Island for the night!
Arrived at 8.33/9pm high tide at 12ish. Fished it hard right through till 3/4. NOTHING, not a bean!!!!
Woke at low tide and straight away started fishing hard. Wayne (caarpy) with first fish of the session nice school bass! Then the quickest of catches ever (prob a record) by Steve (steveessery). He lobbed out but wasn’t happy with cast so after about 30 seconds reeled back in with a gurnard on hanging on for dear life.
The beach was busy with fishermen all along didn’t seem to see anyone catching anything apart from the usual mackerel feather men!

All through to the high tide we had bream nipping away, landed about half a dozen, a couple of dabs and 8 or 10 mackerel just for the fun of it! Good days fishing had by all....

5 species in all, excellent weather and great company what more could you want?

A DOUBLE FIGURE BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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