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I must caution you all ppl from buying your bait from this shop:
Received undersized lugworms and less than purchased. Please read below:

My order, #115880 from The Bait and Tackle Centre, submitted on February 12, 2019, 6:45 pm .
Order Details
- Bait and Tackle Special Worm and Squid Mix-60lug 1/4kg rag 1 squid x 1 @ £23.00 each
- Tide Table 2018 x 1 @ £2.00 each

I must say i'm very very disappointed with your lugworms .
1st bag 18 lugworms, 2nd bag 17 lugworms, 3rd bag 17 lugworms as well.
Ordered 60 lugworms but received 8 less = 52
Not only short of them but many so tiny little ones that i have to put 3 to make 1 if they will even fit to my hook size 1.
How can you even collect so small ones, Shame on you. Should put them back to grow.
This is my 1st and last order from you i'm afraid. ""

Replied to me with this:

Well sorry to hear that.
Then why do all my other clients always come back with a good service and good fresh bait.
I am sorry you think they are to small, we can only get what nature provides, sometimes they are smaller than other times.
If like my other clients you come back regularly then you would see a reliable service and bait.
By the way I counted them and they are always over 20 in a pack so I definitely disagree with that comment of there only being 52 worms.
In fairness I would agree that some are small.
Again I am sorry that you are unhappy but you find that my service and freshness is far better than what you would get elsewhere.
Good hunting for bait suppliers. ""

Time to go den or Tony's. Never been let down there.

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Or just order from a reputable source... Online baits have never let me down, baitsrus also reliable.
Avoid hookers baits
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