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I think this is an appropiate time to reflect and plan our fishing for the year ahead, maybe Open Competitions can be listed here for Wales and promote the Tourism side of Angling the same time.
Any takers to start us off?

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Summer League 2005
Llanstephan 17th April 10:00-15:00
North Channel 22nd May 10:00-15:00
Cefn Sidan 19th June 11:00- 16:00
Machynys 3 1st July To Be Arranged
Green Banks 28th August 10:15-15:15

Leucarum 25th September 2005
Venue 1 Cold Knapp 16th October 2005 winter League
Loughor 23rd October 2005
Venue 2 Aberavon 6th November 2005 Winter League
Penn Angling 20th November 2005 Aberavon
Venue 3 Ferryside 27th November 2005 winter League
Venue 4 North Channel 4th December 2005 Winter League

Gower Rock Hoppers 11th December 2005
Bynea 27th December 2005
Venue 5 Rhoose-Stout Point January 2006 date TBA Winter League
Venue 6 Sker –Newton point February 2006 date TBA Winter League
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