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Optimax outboards and Oil consumption

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I have now had my Optimax 115 for a few months and have done about 65 hours on it. I knew the oil consumption was going to be high for the first 20 hours, which it was :sad:, but now that it is well run in I am still using between 2-3 litres for every 80-100 litres of fuel.
At £43 a can (Mailspeed Marine have now realised they were doing it too cheap at £27:thumbdown) this adds quite a bit to the running costs.
Does the consumption sound right or should I get it checked out?
I generally run at between 4500 and 5000 rpm while travelling and then around 2500-3000 rpm to get back to the start of the next drift when wrecking. If conditions are a bit choppy then I will usually keep it to around 3500 rpm for travelling.
Nothing seems to make any difference to how much oil I use.
I had an ETEC a few years ago and kept it for about a year. I only had to refill the oil once, just before I sold it and was expecting the Optimax to be similar.
I would be interested to hear what consumption others are getting.
The fuel consumption is around 3.5 NM per gallon so a bit better than the 100 mariner 4 stroke:thumbs:.
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Hi Terry

looking at them figures i think you should be hoping to run at about 4000 to 4200 for optimum fuel economy just ease back a bit it will only take 2 mins more to reach your mark :thumbs:

as for the oil usage i used about 350 litres of fuel at weymouth and used about 2.5 litres of oil but on your figures it looks like your engine is running at about a 30:1 ratio but they also say about them been set up for running in at about 30:1 so maybe it needs altering

as has been mentioned before about the Etecs they use nothing in two stroke oil but that engine of yours seems to be using a little too much

I would chat to a mariner dealer and find out what it should run at and then if it is way too hi then take it back to where you got it from second oppinions sometimes are whats needed

Ther is some stuff on here about opti's but the Yanks seem to only claim a max of 50 to 60:1 ratio

also look on here there are some details of OPTI's doing 100:1 ratios

Have you thought of buying in bulk the guys below will do a good deal

ETEC (little oil)
It is perhaps not relevant, but my old fashioned 50hp Tohatsu carbed autolube motor runs at 130-1 ratio average. 30-1 does seem inordinately high if the figure given for oil use are accurate..... 100-1 sounds a bit more like it but still high. The Optimax Orbital system as used on Mercury, Tohatsu and others, is supposed to use a lot less than carbed motors. Post No 22 in the first link regarding Mercury is interesting. Also this quote from the 2nd link "Per my manual, I have a 1999 200 HP Opti, "The oil ratio ranges from 300 - 400:1 at idle to 60:1 at WOT. A DFI engine will use less oil than a non-DFI engine."
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