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well me and the old boar went for another bash of orford to make the most of this lovely weather.

after a 45 min cruise got to the first mark, tide was still pulling well on the flood and i had a feeling fishing would be slow untill it dropped a bit.

well after a hour and a half the bights started to come slowly but shorely and reeld in a 4lb 2oz cod, then got another at 3lb 3oz and a 2.5 lber plus a couple of pups. dad just had the one pup at this time but did ctach a handy hermit so that was kept for bait for the second mark.

when high tide came decided to try an other new mark a couple of miles away and was met with a huge bight at slack water and yes about bloody time the first thornie to come on thor. not a huge fish but a nice 4lb 9oz male which met the priest, so mums now happy as she loves these fish to eat.

then the bights here was starting to come a bit better but after sevral missed bights got another cod at 3lb 7 oz.

then and craking bight hit into a nice fish , well i thought it was at first then it went a bit light on the way in so thought it wasnt that big after all untill it hit the surface then it went mental , and in came the first smoothy on board thor and a persoanl best for me so well chuffed.( and the missus is happy as she loves these so both wifes now pleased at the catch)

dad had sopme more doggies then he got into a nice small smoothie caught on squid and hermit crab. and was duly returned to get bigger.

al in all a very good trip and to make things a tad worse the remote cable came of the gear selctor when trying to negotiate the steps at the key, so somthing else i will have to sort out.

the engine is realy pleasing me as we done 20 miles for 12ltrs of fuel which i think is bleeding good and cheap fishing.
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